29 Rooms More than Just an Instagram Playground

The invitation to the opening of 29 Rooms: Expand Your Reality intrigued me, but I couldn’t figure out exactly what it was all about. The pop-up experience located at The Works on Atlanta’s westside through Sept. 8 seemed a little hokey. Was this just themed photo vignettes for an Instagram crazy world? Well, the answer is yes…but it was more than that too.

There is no doubt 29 Rooms is set up as an Instagram playground. The various rooms provide unique backdrops that would dress up any feed.

The first room takes those approaching middle age back to our teen years with familiar posters on the wall. There is brightly colored fur everywhere from carpet to the closet to bed. There is even a fuzzy robe inside the wardrobe. Guest are encouraged to spawl on the bed or make themselves at home on the fuzzy carpet and play a vintage video game.

In another room is a disco. The music thumps and the DJ is willing to play whatever you like for your sharable dance party, hashtag – 29Rooms. In the No Filter room, transform your environment by manipulating light for your selfie. Strewn together, the 29 different exhibits make for an interesting story.

But once you put the camera away, there are other reasons to visit 29 Rooms.

For one, it’s an interactive art gallery. Local artists Sarah Emerson and NNEKKAA have lent their talents to two of the rooms. Traveling Billboard by Sarah Emerson is a neon cartoon trip through the city. Guests are invited to pick up brushes and paint and put their own artistic touch on rotating blocks with a black and white version of the mural.

My favorite room, however, in addition to the one where a stranger read my palm, is the Conversation with Your Inner Child. Guests are given sticky notes to write a message to their childhood self and stick it on the wall.

It was interesting to see all the encouraging messages. One suggested “be nice to TJ, he’s not like the others”, another cheering “there will be bumps in the road but you can overcome the world, and then some,” and another suggesting, “don’t worry so much.”

So yes, 29 Rooms is an Instagram funhouse, but it is also an interactive art gallery that will spark conversations, with both friends and the strangers you meet in the rooms.

365 Daily posts are short and sweet, designed to highlight the discoveries we unearth on a daily basis as we explore Atlanta, the South, and the world! Thank you to 29 Rooms for inviting us to the opening.

Sue Rodman

Sue Rodman

Co-Founder at 365 Atlanta Traveler
Sue came to Atlanta after finishing the Walt Disney World College Program where she was a tour guide then guest relations hostess (and no she did not moonlight as Snow White). Sue spent 25 years in PR before adding freelance travel writing to her resume. Prior to 365 Atlanta Traveler, Sue published an award winning family travel blog called Field Trips with Sue for eight years, and produced a TV segment with the same name on CBS Better Mornings Atlanta. Her favorite place to visit is anywhere with her husband and three sons. Sue believes anytime is a good time for dessert and there are no bad field trips, just better stories.
Sue Rodman

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