Adorable Cat Cafes In Atlanta For Feline Friendly Fun

My boys LOVE cats! We just can’t take in a new pet since we travel so much, which is why I was thrilled to let them enjoy some time with a few cats who love people at Happy Tabby.

We went into the main area, which is cat-free. I ordered a coffee and the boys ordered hot cocoas – don’t judge, it was winter not summer. lol. Then we paid for the drinks and the charge to get into the cat area (I think it was about $8 each.)

Inside the staff told us about the cats and the rules, and let us be. The boys found that certain cats liked to cuddle, other cats didn’t like people as much. They played with the cats and their cat toys, cuddled a few on the bunk beds, petted almost all of them, and picked out which they would take home if they could.

There are events here regularly (like yoga or book clubs) and you can have a private event also.

The cats are from FurKids, a cat adoption center, and they can be adopted! What’s great is that you can spend time getting to know the cat before making a decision to take her in permanently. We love the work Happy Tabby is doing!

Happy Tabby is the location we visited on Irwin St in Atlanta.

Java Cats claims dibs on being Atlanta’s first Cat Cafe. They have multiple locations. We have yet to visit this one, but imagine it is just as spectacular!


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