NYC: Here We Come! And Here’s Why We’re Flying With JetBlue

TODAY our family is on a plane to NYC for a week, and we are so excited. The oldest has been, but he was young…and the 5 yo has yet to experience the insane awesomeness that is New York!

Expect, for the next 7-10 days, to read about this trip via our 365 Daily posts…but for this first NYC edition, I want to tell you why we are flying JetBlue!

ATL To JFL 2x Daily

When I say Atlanta, you probably think of Delta…but they are not the only ones making Hartsfield soar to the World’s Busiest Airport for its 20th year in a row. JetBlue has been in Atlanta right at a year, and Atlanta travelers love their service to Boston. But as of recently, you can also fly to JFK twice a day, Ft Lauderdale  twice a day, and Orlando once a day…MUCH more affordably than with the hub airline.

Free Carry On

JetBlue allows 1 carry-on bag and 1 personal item (purse, briefcase, laptop bag) per passenger fee FREE. Woot! If you need to check bags, no worries. The first checked bag is FREE for you and up to 3 companions on the same reservation if you purchase your ticket with the JetBlue Plus Card.

Gate To Gate WiFi

Did you know that JeBlue offers gate-to-gate Wifi…for FREE. That also includes coverage in the air. Hello! That is awesome! So glad to be able to get some work done or stay connected with those back at home.

DirectTV In Every Seat

Every seat on every place offers free DirectTV. Your kids are going to love that (and so will the passengers in front and behind you!) If your kiddos need special headphones, be sure to pack them. I know my kiddos want their own headphones when we fly.

Free Snacks

Forget that small little glass of soda you get from the other guys. JetBlue gives you bags of chips and cans of soda – all for free – as much as you want – when your traveling. I’m not sure they’ve met my kids yet…

Space, Space, Space

JetBlue offers more leg room in coach than any other airline. Period. My long-leg friends will be happy.


365 Daily posts are short and sweet, designed to highlight the discoveries we unearth on a daily basis as we explore Atlanta, the South, and the world!

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