3 Reasons We Love Bayonet Enterprises (and You Will, Too!) [Video]

One of the highlights of our stay in Onslow was experiencing a yacht cruise on New River in Jacksonville, NC with Bayonet Enterprises. Here are three reasons we think you need to try this on your Onslow visit! And don’t forget to check out our video of the experience below.

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The Best Way To See The River

The Bayonet is a 46-foot luxury cabin cruiser with all of the amenities necessary to make your adventure a special one.   It has two beautiful guest staterooms – yes, you can book an overnight adventure – a kitchen and dining area, TV and stereo, and plenty of space below and on deck to kick back and relax.

Many guests enjoy riding topside towards the front of the boat.  It’s very spacious up there with bench seating for two or three, and the entire bow can probably comfortably accommodate six or seven people.  It’s a wonderful place to take in the surrounding views.  For a more relaxing “comfort” kick back with a drink in the stern.

An Amazing Captain and 1st Mate

If you’re wondering what it’s like to be on a romantic or family water escape with two strangers, don’t even give it a second thought. Lance and Marilyn are the kindest, sweetest, most down-to-earth couple you’ll meet.

After 18 moves (including three tours of duty right at Camp Lejeune in the same city) they decided to retire in Marilyn’s favorite place – Onslow County. This is their 7th year cruising and sharing New River with locals and visitors, alike.

They were great with our kids (it helps that they are grandparents!) and made them feel safe on the boat…and also welcome. Captain Lance even let Elliot drive the boat for a bit, and gave him a few tips to take with him!

Marilyn served us delicious snacks, and gave us the scoop on the local areas that we could see from the River. She was also attentive enough to see when the boys were chatting with us or having a “relaxing” moment…and gave us ample space to enjoy alone time together.

Affordable Packages for Every Traveler

We visited with Lance and Marilyn a little differently that most because of our work, but we recommend the Family Picnic Package. It most closely resembles how we explored – which was awesome. You’ll get a 4 hour cruise that includes beverages, lunch, snacks, dessert and anchorage time with a 2 person kayak and water toys. At just over $400 for 4 people, that’s a steal.

You can also pick a shorter 2-hour lunch cruise with drinks and snacks…or a romantic Sunset Tour with a cheese and fruit board.

If you take the Dinner Cruise (or something longer) then you can experience their outstanding chef skills, with steak or salmon cooked right on the boat!

Disclosure: Thank you to Onslow County and Bayonet Enterprises for hosting us. Opinions here are all our own, as always!

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