5 Things You Should Bring When Visiting Your Favorite Farmers Market

There is nothing better than a great farmers market, and I always feel lucky to live next to the Peachtree Road Farmers Market which is one of the best in the state.

If you’re thinking about heading out before the season ends, here are five tips to consider before you go.

BRING CASH. There are several vendors that take cards, but if they do then you are generally going to pay a premium…an added 3-6% to the bottom cost. You help yourself and the vendors there by bringing cash.

BRING YOUR OWN BAG AND COOLER.First, let’s just start by saying we are big proponents of bringing reusable bags whenever you shop, regardless of where it may be…farmers market not withstanding.

Most vendors either don’t have bags, or they offer something of the plastic variety. Stop the mayhem, and carry more, easier, by bringing your own.

BRING A PLAN (AND AN IMAGINATION). It’s easy to be overwhelmed at the farmers market – there are beautiful veggies, interesting new things, and so much honest beauty!

I like to shop with a plan…a weekly meal plan. I like to know that I need 4 tomatoes, 2 chickens, and 1 bouquet of flowers. Remember, consider the season…

But after that, bring your imagination. There are so many wonderful and wondrous things to be found at a farmers market. Save a meal or two in your plan for something new and exciting…and adventure!

BRING AN APPETITE. Samples, samples, samples galore! Every tent has samples, and they are all worth a visit – and a conversation to hear about why they are unique and amazing.

There are also plenty of indulgent purchases to be made…from coffee to pastries…and everything in between. One of my favorites are the breakfast crepes at Peachtree Road. yum!

BRING FIDO…ON A LEASH. At most farmers markets, your pets are allowed on a leash.  There are usually plenty of people excited to see your pup, too. Use it as an excuse to exercise…heck, can you walk to the market? There are usually playgrounds nearby for kids, and plenty of new friends to make!


We highly recommend making a visit to a farmers market part of your weekly routine. Not sure where to start? We’ve got a great farmers market list here!


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