Experience Poe in a Whole New Way at the Wren’s Nest

When I think of the Wren’s Nest, I think of old Atlanta and children wriggling around listening to Joel Candler Harris’ tales of Brer Rabbit. But not this Halloween. This Halloween they have something spectacular planned.

Wren's Nest Edgar Allan Poe

The mission of the Wren’s Nest is to promote storytelling. One of the most chilling storytellers of all time is Edgar Allan Poe. So it only makes sense to showcase his macabre stories during the Halloween season. Bring in Brian Clowdus, who is best known for his creative Serenbe productions and you have an experience that is sure to be a winner.

What is the Edgar A Poe Experience

Join in on a haunted experiential journey into the mind of one of the most prolific writers of the 19th century, the grandfather of the thriller, Edgar Allan Poe.

Brian Clowdus Experiences, in partnership with The Wren’s Nest, has created and produced an immersive theatrical event based on Poe’s work.

Venture through one of Atlanta’s most historic homes, The Wren’s Nest, to become a part of Edgar Allan Poe’s four most famous and thrilling tales. You’ll experience a maddening visit from the Raven in the night and hear the harrowing story of the Tell Tale Heart, become a witness to The Fall of the House of Usher and attend a haunted dinner party hosted by a most mysterious Red Masked presence.

Come and experience each of these stories as they rise to life before your very eyes as you are enveloped by the mind of one of America’s most legendary writers in his very last days.

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  1. How I can visit here.i am not know well English.therefore I don’t understand.

  2. http://wrensnest.org. You can find all the info you need there. Tickets are $40-$45.

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