Feel The Christmas Magic In The Exciting New “Elf Pets” Movie

Scout Elf Productions, famous for their parent company Elf on the Shelf, has launched a new movie this season and you and the kids will love it!

We got a sneak peek at a special showing of Elf Pets: Santa’s St Bernards Save Christmas this weekend, and it was truly a treat.

In this movie, Christmas spirits are not as high as the used to be…meaning the elf magic could be in danger. Santa has a plan, though, that includes some help from his adorable St Bernard pups!

The main characters in this film are a loving family – a single dad who owns his own store, and his four kiddos. The family gives back to the community by offering a Helping Hands ministry that offers groceries, food and more to those in need…which they collect from people in their town. (A sweet nod to MUST Ministries)

The dad reminds his kids that they do this, in part, as a loving reminder of the sweet spirit of their grandfather, Bob. I think my favorite part of the entire premier event was learning that the grandfather figure was based on Robert “Bob” Charles Aebersold, the wife of Carol Aebersold and father of Chanda Bell and Christa Pitts – the mother/daughter team behind Elf on the Shelf. He passed as Chandra was writing the original book…and their love for him is apparent in this movie.

Elf Pets: Santa’s St. Bernards Save Christmas debuted on TBS channel on November 17th, bringing a new family favorite to TBS’s diverse line-up of Christmas programming. Don’t worry – they will be airing it several more times. The film will also be shown on Cartoon Network at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, December 3rd. Check your local listings for additional air dates and times.

If you miss it (or your kids are like mine and want to watch it over and over again) then pick up a DVD on Amazon. We were lucky enough to take home a special Elf on the Shelf St Bernard, also. Elliot has been sleeping with it every night. You can also find a gift set with the Christmas pup, a special Elf Pets book, and the DVD here.



Thank you to Scout Elf Productions and Elf of the Shelf for inviting us to see it with the production team. Opinions here are our own. This post my contain affiliate links.

Lesli Peterson

Lesli Peterson

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Lesli has two kiddos -Cooper and Elliot- plus two bonus kids currently at UGA, and she’s happily married to her soul mate.
Lesli Peterson

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