An “Unexpected” Way To Do Date Night At Home

If you’ve followed us for a minute, you know Dan and I have a special date night every month…but with the current state of affairs, I thought we we’d miss this month.

NOPE! Unexpected Atlanta to the rescue.

To be clear, you don’t have to do this for date night…it’s just a fun educational experience…a way to support several local businesses…a means to teach the kids a little cultural history (yes, there is a box that will feed 6 people so it works even for large families!)…or a fun virtual team building experience for businesses.

What is it?

Imagine a food tour in a box! It’s all the food you need for a special at-home virtual tour of Atlanta’s culinary history.

This isn’t just a “box of food” from three Atlanta restaurants — it’s an entire EXPERIENCE that includes videos and stories about the “unexpected” side of the city.

Another reason to love this experience? In addition to supporting four Atlanta small businesses, a portion of your purchase goes directly to Atlanta’s own Giving Kitchen. Giving Kitchen provides emergency assistance to food service workers through financial support and a network of community resources.

Like I mentioned – there are 100 ways to enjoy this virtual food tour, but if you’re looking to spice up a “new normal” date night then follow our recommended Date Night Itinerary with Atlanta Food Tour in a Box:


First, place your order here. National shipping is available…and for folks in Atlanta (like us) you benefit from no-contact local delivery. When your box arrives at your door step, you’ll get a text message that it has arrived!

Get Started

When you’re ready to start “date night” lock the kids in the bathroom.

I am totally kidding. But, if you do have kids then bake them a pizza and send them to the play room to watch a movie. And seriously, do this without any guilt. You will be a better person after your date.

Now that they are handled, open your box and check out your goods (plastic gloves included if you are inclined.)

The box comes with a card that includes a URL and password for your online adventure.

Remember, this isn’t just some local food delivered in a cute little box. It’s an entire experience — so don’t skip this part. Head over to the website and watch the first video together.

Now, follow the directions. Wash your hands and get your pies in the oven.

An "Unexpected" Way To Do Date Night At Home
Courtesy of Municipal Market

Girl Power and Peach Tea

Pies in the oven? Great.

Grab a cocktail, and listen to the second video about Municipal Market. I can’t believe how much I learned about this gem. (I think this was my favorite video!) If you have a strong-headed woman in your life, you’ll appreciate her even more after watching this cool history lesson.

Next, watch the third video to learn about your Peach Tea…then head to the kitchen together to make a pitcher. We used the “fast” method so that we could enjoy it later in the evening…with a splash of vodka!

Sweet Auburn and Your Side Dish

Watch videos 4 & 5 to learn about the Sweet Auburn neighborhood … and how to make your hoecakes.

My mom constantly made cornbread in our family, but this was my first time making or eating hoecakes. They are super easy and really delicious.

An "Unexpected" Way To Do Date Night At Home

Chow Time

By now, your pies are probably ready. Get them on a plate with your hoecakes and a nice salad…then grab a seat at the table and watch the next video about those delicious puff pastry Panbury Pies.

A note here about your dinner…it is a TON of food. To be honest, I wasn’t even able to finish everything. When you first take the pies out of the box, you may think they are small…but they puff up so lovely, and with a small bit of salad and the hoecakes, you are going to be stuffed!

Sweet Stuff

Pile those dishes in the sink, and then settle back to listen to the last video about Miss D’s! Here energy will set you on fire!

After that, grab your pralines, popcorn, and peach tea cocktail while you play a game, finish a puzzle, or watch a movie!

Disclosure: Unexpected Atlanta (aka Atlanta Food Walks) gifted us a box so that we could share our experience with you. Akila McConnell, the owner, is a dear friend and a gifted storyteller. Everything she lays her hands on is amazing, and I knew this would be also. Even still, if we didn’t LOVE it, we wouldn’t share it. And gosh, did we love it!

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