Our Favorite Place for Finding the Best Georgia Peaches

Summer is peach season in Georgia. There are several great places to pick up fresh Georgia peaches, but our favorite is Dickey Farms in the tiny postage stamp town of Musella, Ga. A visit here is a perfect multi-generational day trip, here’s why.

Georgia Peaches at Dickey Farms

Why We Like Dickey Farms for Georgia Peaches

Musella is about 20 miles off 1-75 near Macon, Ga. I first visited Dickey Farm’s Peach packing house on an Explore Georgia press trip. I was so taken with it that I knew I wanted to return, and bring my dad who loves all things rural. So last Saturday, I set out with my 90-year-old father, and 14 year-old son to get some peaches, and homemade soft-serve peach ice cream.

There are less than 10 buildings along Musella Road where you’ll find the big white Peach House. The one that immediately caught my father’s eye was the old fashion General Store with the Gulf sign advertising it’s former life as a gas station. The General Store is located directly across the street from Dickey’s.

We pulled open the door that was weighted by an old metal iron to enter the time machine. Rows of merchandise, some just for show, some for sale said this is still a business. The hot seller the day we arrived was barbecue. No fancy signs, just a poster board with the pertinent information and darn good barbecue. Thank goodness we didn’t stop at the Chick-fil-A for lunch on the way down.

Georgia Peaches at Dickey Farms

After we sat on the benches of the General Store’s front porch to eat our lunch, we took a look at the Ford Model T and the big red Ford tractor sitting below the ‘Welcome to Musella’ Coca-Cola sign painted on the side of the building. My dad checked out the tractor while a couple posed their one-year-old in the Model T for a picture. The little guy was looking longingly at the tractor, excitement in his eyes. My dad had that same look.

Dickey’s Peach Stand for Fresh Georgia Peaches

After checking out all the tractors, we headed across the street to Dickey’s. Unfortunately, the peach processing line wasn’t working, there had been a power outage earlier that day and the crews had gone home. Normally you can see them packing the peaches as you rock on the porch eating your ice cream. And oh, my goodness, it’s such good ice cream. Homemade with real peaches. It made our list of the best ice cream in Georgia.

My son couldn’t believe the peaches were as big as his teenage hand. I told him to go to the tasting section. Who cares how big they are, it’s the taste that counts. So sweet I was wondering if we were going to send my diabetic father’s sugar count a little too high with just a taste.

We shopped a bit, perusing the peach syrups, the jams and jellies, and locally grown produce. In the end, they up sold us to a case of peaches so we could get the free watermelon. I wish we had gotten a few more. We may need to go back next weekend.

Other Awesome Places to get Fresh Georgia Peaches

  • Farmview Market
  • Lane Orchards
  • Pearson Farms
  • R&A Orchards
  • Panorama Farm Market
  • Merciers Orchards
  • Penlands Apple House (yes they have peaches too!)
  • BJ Reece Orchards
  • Aaron Family Orchards

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