Getaway House Atlanta: 5 Things You Should Plan Before You Visit [Discount + Video]

“Simply put, humans are not wired to be constantly wired.” 
― Cal Newport, Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World

Getaway AtlantaGetaway House Atlanta: 5 Things You Should Plan Before You Visit [Discount + Video] takes this mantra to heart, with a mission to offer people, couples, friends and families the ability to disconnect and recharge – and live life a little more deeply.

Getaway House Atlanta: 5 Things You Should Plan Before You Visit [Discount + Video]

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Originally building escape pods in the Northeast, Getaway has ventured into our neck of the woods for the first time, with an Atlanta outpost in Suches. Even the most avid North Georgia adventurist might need help with that location…it’s in Union County, but much closer to Dahlonega than Blairsville. Expertly, in the middle of no where.

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We recently escaped (without kids) to one of these tiny cabins because any chance to disconnect is a welcome one…here are a few tips I learned from the experience that I hope will make your adventure here exceptionally awesome.

See all our Facebook photos here from Getaway House Atlanta and the nearby Dockery Lake Trail.

Getaway House Atlanta: 5 Things You Should Plan Before You Visit [Discount + Video]

Plan for a Digital Detox

If you’ve never experienced a digital detox, you might be in for a shocker. But no worries; our friends at Getaway House offer some assistance.

The first thing you’ll note is a Cellphone Lockbox, with the inscription, “For a true escape, forget your phone inside.”

Listen friends…it will be hard, but DO IT. You experience will be so much richer if you do. If you are not working like we were, then there is no reason to take a dozen shots and post them on Instagram. Do this for yourself…experience something for the sake of experiencing it.

Find more Georgia Glamping ideas here.

Leave work at home…put the kids in the hands of someone you trust (or bring them along) and turn off that phone! There is a landline in the cabin if you have a true emergency.

In addition to the lockbox, you’ll find additional help in this time of disconnection…one of my favorites was a little book titled What Now? with conversation topics, games, riddles and more.

You’ll also find a small shelf with cards and a book of card games, a copy of Walden, a copy of How To Get Away written by the founders of Getaway (you get to keep this gem!), and more.

But my favorite thing? It was sitting by the campfire as the rain was fading…lounging beside my best friend looking out the huge window as the sun set…and drinking coffee with zero Facebook the next morning.

Getaway House Atlanta: 5 Things You Should Plan Before You Visit [Discount + Video]

Prepare for a Hiking Excursion

Check-in is 3pm. You can start your detox then….but we kicked it off early with a nearby hike at Dockery Lake Trail. This gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountain hike is only about 15 minutes from the cabin, but it is a difficult one. If you try it, plan for about 4 hours without kids (that gives you a good 30-45 minutes at the half-way mark to set up a hammock and relax. I do recommend that!)

Another option among the myriad nearby hiking trails is Jarrard Trail…you can hike it for just a tad over 1 mile to the Appalachian Trail (and then another mile back). Just be mindful that this is also a difficult trail, with about 1,000 ft elevation gain in just 1 mile.

Regardless, be sure to plan your route before you leave home – cell phone reception is horrid here. Atlanta Trails is my defacto choice for hiking routes, and I like to either print their trail routes or take screen shots of the route so I can access them without wifi or cell coverage.

Getaway House Atlanta: 5 Things You Should Plan Before You Visit [Discount + Video]

Plan to Eat Well

With a genuine, “I’m sorry” to all my vegetarian friends…I was SO READY for a juicy steak after that 7-mile hike! And cooked on an open flame on the fire pit? Delicious!

Getaway House comes well stocked with provisions for eating and preparing food…

There are items for purchase (they will charge your card) like oatmeal, pasta and sauce, coffee, snacks, and the like. Everything is under $10…so if you get hangry in the middle of the night, you will be fine.

If you want something more, I recommend bringing your own food. We are Keto Krazies, so we brought steaks and veggies for dinner.

The rain showers graced us periodically during the evening, but we were able to spend time outside and make dinner work on the grill. Thankful for the nice grate on the fire, our steak-cooking was a success.

You will need to either bring your own firewood, kindling and starter or purchase what they have available at the cabin, to do the same. You will find salt, pepper, foil, and more available as part of your stay. Your booking email will tell you want to bring, and what is provided.

And one note…if it looks like rain, have a contingency plan. There are pots and pans to cook with inside the cabin, but we could never have cooked the steak in there. The burners are ideal for heating water and making coffee or pasta – but not a gourmet meal. Plus, it would have been too smokey for a small space. We lucked out – learn from our near mess-up though.

Another note….if you don’t want to cook at all, you are close to Dahlonega and Bratzeit, one of our favorite restaurants in the state. The owners are German and create delicious fare that cannot be beat (yes, even by those Helen restaurants.)

Eat the Getaway food, bring your own, make it on site, or eat it at a nearby restaurant…it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you take the time to eat well…you’re detoxing your soul. Be sure to take care of your body.

Getaway House Atlanta: 5 Things You Should Plan Before You Visit [Discount + Video]

Set Your Expectations

The Outpost is much like a campground, with cabins tucked in each nook. You’ll likely see others walking around or preparing dinner. The roads are gravel, newly laid…the saplings along the hills are still growing tall…and the wood on the staircase is still fresh. Remember, this is a new Outpost.

The view out your large picture window doesn’t overlook Yonah Mountain or Rabun Bald… but don’t let that deter you.

Once you are nestled in your cabin, you’ll remember your reason for coming…disconnecting to reconnect. And for that, Getaway is ideal.

Getaway House Atlanta: 5 Things You Should Plan Before You Visit [Discount + Video]

Bring Your Four-legged Friend

Your pup is just as welcome as you at Getaway! Your cabin comes with a water bowl and clean-up bags, and a leash attached to the picnic table outside. There is a small cleaning fee, and you don’t want to leave them outside without you…but they will LOVE seeing your face looking at them and not your screen.

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  1. Is it safe for Black people, particularly an African American woman travelling akone. Yes or no will do. This is not a let’s talk about race conversation. I am this person in need of this getaway. Reply privately if you wish.

    • We had pretty poor cell service in the whole area. We also have Sprint, though, which is notoriously bad in the mountains. Verizon or something else may be better.

  2. Is the assertion of safety for black women based on a black woman’s experience, or a member of a different race’s assumption? Serious query by a black woman traveling with minor daughter. A frank response would be greatly appreciated!

    • I have the same question. I am travel with my daughter and partner. All of us are non-men and Black and I would love a straight forward response.

      • Hey Ladies. I hear you…before I open my mouth on this one with what I “think” is ok…let me chat it over with one of our editors who is a black woman. I want to give you thoughtful, honest feedback…give me a few hours to hear back from her.

    • I didn’t get to talk with her until today. I shared with her everything I saw, felt, noticed, etc (Granted, I’m white…so I don’t see and feel everything. But our Editor (Maria) and I have talked about things I need to look out for and keep a keen eye about…I can only say I am trying my best with the filters I have) and with the info I gave her Maria thinks it will be safe for her family. So much so, that she is going to be visiting soon and giving us her perspective. I hope that helps, if only a little.

  3. October 10, 2021: I’m a AA Gentleman that has traveled to over a 140 countries. I have stayed at these cabins on two occasions, and I felt safe both times. My girlfriend and I enjoyed ourselves. We are both slim and fit, and it was a tight fit.


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