How to Perform a Successful Heist at The Escape Game

We did our homework. Between us, we’d done more than 10 escape rooms. We watched the video below that offered some very insightful tips for how to escape any escape room, and in the end, our Heist was successful.

We recovered the priceless Monet and got out before Mr. Hahn returned. Here’s how we did it.

The Escape Game is the newest in a wide variety of escape the room type games in Atlanta. We have an entire list of Escape Rooms here. This one is located in The Battery at SunTrust Park.

The Escape Game currently has five different rooms. Depending on the staffer you talk to will determine which one is the best. None of the employees we talked to seemed to agree. Choose between

  • The Playground. Get your kickball back from the coach before the game with the 5th graders
  • Gold Rush. Find the hidden gold before the Mob finds you.
  • Prison Break. Pretty self-explanatory
  • Special Ops. We were told this one is the hardest game and combines traditional elements like locks and puzzles with high-tech touch screens
  • The Heist. This is the one we did. Recover the stolen Monet before an egotistical museum curator returns.

10 Tips for Escaping ANY Room

Before you head out to do any Escape Room, this is a great video to help you find the right clues, and leave the red herrings.

The Heist

The Heist has a good storyline and the puzzles are varied and interesting. There are some you would expect – several different locks, as well as a few I’ve never seen before.

You get three ‘free’ clues and then each additional clue will cost you minutes on the clock. We used all three of our freebies as well as one additional clue.

Unlike some other places where I’ve done this, the clues were very helpful, direct and helped move us forward. In the end, we got out with four minutes left, which I thought was pretty impressive.

But Wait, There’s More

The Escape Room has an interesting add on to this game that I am interested to try. After you escape (or don’t) you can purchase a dossier for $20 to continue the game at home.

In addition to the dossier, you’ll also go online to get clues to put Hahn away for his crimes. Our guide said it took him two hours to complete. I love this extension!

Getting to the The Battery

The Escape Room is located in The Battery near SunTrust Park. This may sound like a no-brainer, but make sure if there is a Brave’s game when you visit that you leave LOTS of time to get to the venue.

We booked for 3:30 pm on a Saturday and didn’t realized the Braves were playing that night at 7 pm. Traffic on I-75 had a 18-minute back-up according to Google four hours before the game.

Parking is available for the general public only in the Red lot. You can get into the other lots, but you won’t be able to park there.

Depending on the time, you’ll have either two or four hours of free parking. The Escape Room does validate, so be sure to ask, especially on game day when free parking is limited to two, not four hours.

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