Building (Delicious) Naked Birthday Cakes With Milk Bar

It wasn’t anyone’s birthday during our NYC visit, but we built TWO monstrous birthday cakes and it was probably one of our favorite things.

Building (Delicious) Naked Birthday Cakes With Milk Bar

We watched the Christina Tosi story on Chef’s Table (Netflix) and immediately fell in love with her and her creations. She invented “cereal milk” with which she makes amazing soft service ice cream. There’s also her crack pie – so delicious you just can’t stop.

But her most awesome creation is the naked birthday cake.  Three layers of confetti cake, drizzled with a little vanilla milk, and separated with layers of decadent icing and crunchy “cake crumbs.”

Milk Bar started in new York (though you can also find them in DC, Toronto and soon in LA) so we looked up where to grab a bite and BAM – discovered that they offer classes on building the famous naked birthday cake! Sign us up!

Building (Delicious) Naked Birthday Cakes With Milk Bar

We loved every minute of it. Our teachers were so sweet and helpful, and the boys did 99% of the work on their own. We also made “cake truffles” with the class (all adults, other than our boys.)

The number one rule of the class is “eat everything as you go!” which worked well in our family. Yum.

We left with two cakes. One became our nightly snack in the hotel each evening…the other they wrapped up for us to bring on the train. And the best news? The cakes are huge, but they also both fit in our mini bar at the hotel (after we took everything out.)

If you’re in NYC or DC, look up their classes and make room for it! It was something we will never forget! Here is a IGTV video from our Instagram account:

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