Get To Know Idyllic North Topsail Beach [video]

If you’re looking for a wide beach, with beautiful surf, few people, and great rental options…let me introduce you to North Topsail Beach in Onslow County. It is gorgeous – without the crowds of other beaches in the area!  Pack your beach gear – let’s go!

Thanks to Treasure Realty for this awesome arial shot of the beach – they are a fantastic resource for your next beach rental.

First, let’s clear up any confusion. Topsail Island is a barrier island in North Carolina that includes three major towns.

The south part of the island is Topsail Beach. In the middle is Surf City, and the northern half of the island is North Topsail Beach.

The locals pronounce it /TOP-sul/ Beach — not /Top SAIL/ Beach to be clear.

Here are five things we love about this part of the island

Wide open beaches with great surf. Do you see the photo above? The beach is so wide and great for lounging, playing frisbee with kids, building sandcastles, and playing in the water. When we visited, we saw a lab chasing balls along the shoreline, having a blast!

Few people. This part of the island is the least commercialized. There are vacation rentals here for you to enjoy, but the beach isn’t built up and you’ll find the least crowding here. To me, that is heaven sent!

It fact, it kind of reminded me of what most of the Outer Banks used to be.  A place where you can unplug and enjoy a beach vacation without all of the hoopla. And did I mention that it’s 7-8 hours from Atlanta instead of the 10-11 to OBX?

The pier for fishing and photography.  This is Seaview Fishing Pier, and it is a stellar place for fishing. You’ll see that we found a dad fishing with his boys when we visited last. You’ll find spots, flounder, blues, Spanish mackerel and mullets along the edge here.

Before hurricane Florence it was over 1,000 feet long and was one of the longest piers on the North Carolina coast. Unfortunately, Flo took off a bit of the end. They are working to rebuild that part, but it is still open and still very, very long.

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Pay $1 pp to head out and take photos like we did, or a little more for a daily fishing pass. The store is fully stocked with any equipment you might need, and there is a restaurant on the top floor when your belly starts to rumble.

The owner’s son also offers half- and full-day fishing trips on his 35ft multi-purpose boat, so be sure to ask about that!

Rentals right on the water.

Villa Capriani is a gorgeous rental option, where every villa faces the water. If you tire of the beach, try one of the three pools, hot tub or soaker tub. There is a restaurant onsite, tennis courts, and more. 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom units are available with full kitchens and plenty of space to stretch out.

House rentals in the area are another comparison I draw with Outer Banks.  Some of the North Topsail Beach houses are huge, accommodating three to four families.  This makes for a very economical vacation when you split the cost, and you get to spend much more time together than you would in a hotel or separate smaller rentals.

You can drive on the beach. If you have a 4×4, you can drive in the areas permitted at the northern-most part of the island. You’ll just need a pass (info here.) I love this! Pull up the truck and unpack for a day of beach play, shore fishing, or picnicking! No headaches!

Disclosure: Thank you to Onslow County for hosting us. Opinions here are all our own, as always!

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  1. Ok Lesli…question. We are empty nesters w/ adult children spread all over the domestic US.

    I LOVE bodysurfing and catamaran sailing. I can’t get enough of the ocean. As an Atlanta native, I just never could get my fill.

    I’m intrigued by your review of North Topsail Beach. Did you see any surfers out in the water?

    We typically do the ‘every-other-year’ family reunion (“We pay. You come.”) And that has been great incentive for everyone to come willingly for time together.

    We were in Duck, NC In 2014. Beautiful home. The surf was less inviting than I had hoped. Any thoughts?


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