Helping Kids Find “Magic” in New York City

My boys love magic. We seek out magic shows on TV, did a homeschool study on a few magicians, learn new magic tricks on a regular basis…I think it’s in their blood. So I knew the Houdini Museum in NYC had to be on our list!

Helping Kids Find "Magic" in New York City

It’s a small one-room museum, but it is filled to the brim with interesting artifacts. We saw several of his original handcuffs and chains, one of his suits used to hold him in an escape routine, his Escape Coffin from 1907 and several magic chests. There was also a costume from his wife who served as his assistant, a bust, and several of his writings.

Here’s the fun part…entrance is FREE 7 days a week.

Helping Kids Find "Magic" in New York City

The museum also holds a magic store. We loved learning several tricks from the magicians there, and seeing some locals who loved practicing on willing participants. In fact, we left with a magic trick or two that the boys could easily share with friends and family.

Not too far from here is another magic shop, Tannen’s. It’s been around since 1925 and touts itself as the city’s oldest magic store.

Of course, we picked up another magic stick or two here, but if you can only visit one I would say that the Museum is more friendly to visitors and kids. Not that Tannen’s was rude to us in any way, but it seems like the visitors here are very serious about their craft…it’s less a novelty shop and more an industry staple.

Regardless, make your next trip to NYC “magical” with a stop at these great shops!

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