6 Places To Indulge Your Sweet Tooth At Ponce City Market

I made the mistake of roaming PCM yesterday with a serious sweet tooth. Do you know how many ways there are to indulge here? Let’s count together.

6 Places To Indulge Your Sweet Tooth At Ponce City Market

Batter. The best part of being an adult is the ability to eat cookie dough whenever you want. Now, Batter makes it easy (and a little safer.) Without eggs and with heat-treated flour, you can get a scoop of your favorite cookie dough…from peanutbutter to sugar…with toppings de jour. The sugar and chocolate chip flavors are gluten free – and the sugar flavor is vegan. Woot!

Saint Germain Bakery. Sure, you can get a sandwich and soup at this French eatery, but let’s go for the good stuff. I left with 25 mini macarons, including bourbon flavored. Yum! Plus, you can try chocolates, eclairs, brûlées and fruit tarts.

King of Pops Bar. How could one possibly top a King of Pops? Add alcohol, of course! I chatted up someone there who was enjoying a POPTail made with  vodka, ginger beer, mint, blueberry, lemonade, with a Blueberry Lemonade Popsicle peeking it’s head from the top of the cup. Wow!

6 Places To Indulge Your Sweet Tooth At Ponce City Market

Five Daughters Bakery. Let me warn you…once you have one of their donuts, there is no returning to life as you know it now. These are 100 layers – 100 LAYERS – of deliciousness. Like the infamous cronut…only better! The maple bacon is to die for…and the best part is that everyone can try them. They offer vegan options and paleo options, free of grains, gluten, dairy, and sugar.

Collier Candy Company. This is where you go for candy like you enjoyed when you were a kid. Lollipops larger than you head, candy necklaces, Mike & Ike’s in the original packaging. And don’t leave without a Boylan soda or water.

Honeysuckle Gelato. This is the Veuve Clicquot of ice cream and gelato. Honey Lavendar, Orange Cream, Bourbon…or the classics. They’re all here. You’ll pay a little more here, but it’s worth it…and 5% of proceeds go to the Atlanta Community Food Bank.


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