Revery VR Bar Will Take Your Date Night To A New Dimension

Revery is the first adult-only VR Bar in the nation, and it’s right here in Atlanta! Now don’t get the wrong idea…it isn’t “adult-only” because of the VR content. It’s actually a bona-fide bar that just wants to offer a relaxing kid-free zone for adults. And the VR is an added bonus!

Revery VR Bar Will Take Your Date Night To A New Dimension

I was a little nervous about the VR part because I get car sick easily. I can’t even watch Cooper play Minecraft. Turns out, the equipment is super great – high quality – and the VR experience was AMAZING. We shot aliens, played hoops, and explored earth!

When you come in they take you to your own little “booth” area. There are spaces for 2 players (like us) up to large party sections. The kicker is, though, that only one person at a time can play. No worries – it’s almost just as fun to watch the other person being crazy.

The play area contains a half-wall so you don’t get into another group’s space…it also has seating for everyone, and a large TV with your VR equipment. Once you get the 411 about how to play, head to the back of the club for a drink or fancy cocktail, then bring it back to your station.

The smaller room (2-5 people) are $20 per half-hour and the larger section holds 10-12 people at $30/half-hour. Time really goes fast, too. We purchased an hour and it flew by. If we wanted to, we could have kept going (and would have except for a previously arranged engagement.)

It opens at 5pm everyday except Sunday, and stays open until midnight weekdays and 2:30am on weekends. It was an incredibly fun experience, and I hope you’ll try it on your next kid-free night!


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