Safe Travels with Great Wolf Lodge

If you are ready to travel, Great Wolf Lodge is ready to greet you! Read about their Paw Pledge Program and commitment to your safety…or check out our insights below. We put these together based on a recent trip to the LaGrange location.

Safe Travels with Great Wolf Lodge

Check-in Process

Before entering the building, our party of four was required to complete a wellness form, promising that we were not sick, were not around anyone sick, had not been required to quarantine, etc.

The biggest difference that I noticed upon entering is that the lounge furniture had been removed, to discourage unrelated parties from congregating together.

As I came in, someone washed the door handles behind me and encouraged me to find my spot in the check-in line. Social distancing markers dotted the way.

In line, a plexiglass divider separated us from the desk clerk, who checked ID without handling it, allowed us to swipe a card without touching anything, and handed us wristbands for contactless purchase through the resort.

They are not handing out wolf ears at this time, to minimize contact so bring your kids’ ears from a previous visit if you have them.

Also to minimize contact, there is no valet or luggage assistant, but luggage carts are available and wiped clean between use.

If you have a room that requires an elevator, you’ll also notice the 6ft markers as you wait…and that only one family is allowed to use the elevator at a time. I was thankful we had a room on the first floor – you might consider requesting that as well.

See our Instagram video about the check-in process:

Safe Travels with Great Wolf Lodge

At the Water Park

The resort is not open to max capacity, which became very evident within the water park. If you feel comfortable traveling now, and want to enjoy the park without a ton of people – now is the time to visit.

Lounge chair seating is also reduced so that between each grouping of chairs is space of 6ft or more. With the reduced seating it can be a little trickier to find a place to put your things, eat lunch, etc (but not impossible.)

Our recommendation is to splurge on a cabana…we have an “Is it worth it?” post coming shortly about cabana rentals. Short answer: Heck yes!

The Wave Pool is operating a little differently. They are limiting the number of people who can enter at once, so you may have to stand in line for a bit. I didn’t notice anyone standing in line for longer than 5 minutes or so.

Outside, the hot tub area is closed, but the outdoor pool is open and the limited-seating situation is the same.

Both inside and out, you’ll find sanitation stations scattered about. This included anti-bacterial sanitizing stations, as well as places to pick up a clean rag and disinfectant to wipe a table or tube or chair. There are buckets for collecting the dirty towels. We never felt the need for this because, pretty much every time we turned around, a GWL staffer was wiping surfaces on chairs, tables, doors, etc.

See our Instagram video about how the water park is operating:

Safe Travels with Great Wolf Lodge
Courtesy of Great Wolf Lodge

Changes To Dining

At all the walk-up dining options in the resort, you’ll notice 6ft distancing markers, as well as additional signage that ensures there is a steady line in one direction for ordering and picking up your food.

There are tables within the resort for eating your meals, and they are spread out and cleaned on the regular. The only sit-down dining at this time is the dinner option at Barnwood.

Here, seating is at 50% capacity so reservations are recommended. We felt fine using the paper menus, but they also offer QR codes that allow you to bring up the menu on your phone. Also (since the food here is DELISH) you can order take-out to enjoy around the park or in your room.

Safe Travels with Great Wolf Lodge

Adventure Park Excitement

The Adventure Park is open (yay!) thanks to different procedures.

I know MagicQuest is everyone’s favorite game at GWL, and it operates as it always has, since it’s easy to act as a single group.

The other adventures are also operating, but with different procedures. For example, we had to go to a staff member to get the balls for bowling (rather than have them show up with a token at the alley.) That way, they can ensure that the balls (and gems, and put put clubs, etc) are cleaned between each use.

The rock wall, ropes course, and arcade are also open.

See our Instagram video about how the Adventure Park is operating:

Bottomline: We’ve visited a number of places since the shelter-in-place order was lifted, and Great Wolf Lodge – LaGrange was the most conscientious we’ve encountered so far. They’ve really gone above-and-beyond to keep everything clean and to keep guests feeling safe.

This location is currently OPEN. Feel secure about planning your stay now. With their Free Cancellation or Change Program, you can cancel for a full refund, or change to a future date without penalties on any new or existing reservation up until July 31, 2020.

Disclosure: Thank you to Great Wolf Lodge for hosting our family. Opinions here are all our own.

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