3 Reasons Embassy Suites St. Augustine Beach Oceanfront Resort Is A Uniquely Wonderful FL Accommodation

We’ve been wanting to visit St. Augustine, Florida for a long time.  While we do consider ourselves pretty experienced Florida travelers, this historic, landmark location continued to elude us.   We finally did it, and it was well worth the wait.  

We’ve also come to realize that accommodations can make or break an adventure.  If you’re going to visit this beautiful city, for St. Augustine his self’s sake, do it right.  Keep reading for three reasons to stay at the newly opened Embassy Suites St. Augustine Beach Oceanfront Resort.

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Minutes from the First Modern City in the New World

There’s St. Augustine, and there’s St. Augustine Beach.  Separate towns with separate names, and for a good reason. 

St. Augustine was founded in 1565 and is known as the oldest European settlement in the US (thus the oldest “city” moniker), but good luck finding an ocean resort in this inland port town.  Just ask Ponce Deleon, who likely had enough of the ocean at that point in his career and was looking for calmer seas.

But if you are a fan of the Atlantic waves, just a take a quick hop over the Bridge of Lions and a couple of quick miles more and you’re in St. Augustine Beach.  “Beach” is right in the name.  More on this below.  Yes, you can have the best of both worlds. 

If you want to create a vacation that combines history and architecture with surfside fun, we can think of no better place. 

Oceanside Views and Oceanside Fun

St. Augustine Beach is a small, unassuming beach town that offers prime locations for enjoying sun and surf, while still being close enough to St. Augustine that you can practically walk. Ok maybe bike, but you get the point.  The Embassy Suites is on the very Northern edge of St. Augustine Beach, putting it less than four miles from the Bridge of Lions.

The resort sits right on the water, and features spectacular ocean views, and easy access to the ocean.  By the way, this is not your run of the mill Embassy Suites. Opened in late 2018, it’s a full service resort which combines all of the typical perks of the brand with the amenities you’d expect at a luxury beach accommodation.

The beach itself is gorgeous.  You could easily spend a half or full day switching between pool and ocean.  And why not take a surfing lesson while you’re at it?   You heard that right – a hotel next to the oldest city in the world offers surfing lessons.

Watch our video to get a perspective on the resort’s great location.

The Famous Embassy Suites Happy Hour (Duh!)

We’re kind of big fans of happy hours, and to follow this logic, the Embassy Suites’ brand.  Embassy Suites is well known for their complimentary happy hours, which typically run from 5:30 to 7:30PM.  Embassy Suites Resorts are no exception. 

Beer, wine and Wells drinks are on the house, gratuities not included.  Pro tip – you can procure top shelf liquor during happy hour if you ask for the Managers Special.  $5 a drink at the time of this article and a pretty significant discount compared to full price Tito’s or Makers Mark.  You might even be able to convince the pool bartender to give you the discount – no guarantees.

Breakfast to order is also a favorite perk of any Embassy Suites stay.  We started each morning with buffet selections and made to order omelets.

Many people are cautious of restaurants in major hotel brands. Don’t be when it comes to the Embassy Suites Oceanfront Resort. We enjoyed an evening at the resort’s Harvest & Reel restaurant dining on Fried Calamari with Pickled Shrimp, Diver Scallops and aged Brasstown Beef Ribeye Steak. Let’s face it, after a day of adventuring you really appreciate being able have a relaxing dinner at the hotel.

To sum it up, if you’d like to combine a great beach resort vacation with a historical jaunt around America’s original city, stay at the Embassy Suites St. Augustine Beach Oceanfront Resort.  We can’t think of an experience quite like it.

Disclosure: Thank you to St. Augustine for hosting us. Opinions here are all own, as always.

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