Why Stub-Hub Is Awesome For Suntrust Park’s “Expensive” Delta SKY360 Seats

Truth time: We’re not Braves fans. In fact, we’re quite the opposite…Mets Fans!!

Let’s Go Mets; Let’s Go Mets!!

So when they came back to Atlanta, we were happy to visit Suntrust Park to see our team. And we didn’t want just any ol’ seats – we wanted the best!

Enter Stub Hub.

We purchased Delta SKY360 tickets from Stub-Hub, which were definitely more expensive than we usually pay for baseball tickets. But in the end, they were much more affordable than we expected. Even if you didn’t purchase Delta SKY360 Club seats directly, but rather through Stub-Hub, you get all the perks of a Club member.

Free Parking. While everyone else is putting a second mortgage on their house in order to afford parking…and then still walking for days to the stadium, you get FREE premium parking right beside the park. Just show your tickets when you pull in.

Free Drinks. Delta Club members get free soft drinks, lemonade, bottled water, beer and wine! As much as you can drink. There is also a full bar if you are looking for mixed drinks; prices are a little cheaper than what you’d expect to pay.

Free Lunch/Dinner. Not just any meal options – crazy awesome gourmet meals. Oh there is pizza, burgers and hotdogs, too. But also fresh Caesar salads, tenderloin medallions, cheeses and meats, grilled fish and more. Everything is served buffet-style, so grab a plate and fill it up. Then go back for more,

Free Snacks. First, there is the dessert table filled with cookies, cupcakes, and other yumminess. Then there is the traditional snack table, with bags of peanuts, salted soft pretzels, and such! And then, just when the temps are rising, they bring out the drumstick ice creams and Mayfield ice cream sandwiches!

Comfy Seats. Seats in this area are wider than the basic seats, and they are padded on the tush and back. Super comfy! When we visited, it rained a little. The staff came out and wiped all our seats down for us afterward. Impressive. Oh, did I mention they are right behind first base?

Wait Staff. Don’t want to miss the action, but you need a beer or a snack? Each section is assigned wait staff who are more than happy to bring you whatever you need. Just be sure to tip and say thanks!

Heat/Rain Cover. If you’re feeling the heat or need a break from the rain, there’s always the indoor club (where you get food and drinks.) Tables, high-tops, comfy seats and big screen TVs (plus private, immaculate restrooms) make it easy to take a break from the elements.

Ok – now what are you waiting for??

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7 Comments on "Why Stub-Hub Is Awesome For Suntrust Park’s “Expensive” Delta SKY360 Seats"

  1. Would be nice if you said how much these amazing seats cost you.

    • Lesli Peterson | June 15, 2018 at 1:32 pm | Reply

      We paid about $120 I think, but that’s irrelevant. Stub Hub prices are set by the seller and will be different each time based on the team that is playing, how well the Braves are doing, inventory, the seat you pick, the day of the week, etc. You could get a $50 ticket sitting next to someone who paid $400. If you’re a Braves fan, the chances of finding a great deal is high because you have more games to choose from. I recommend just looking at Stub-Hub and poking around 🙂

  2. Hi, this may be a dumb question, but if I purchase tickets off of stubhub in the Delta Sky section, say Section 125, does that automatically grant access to the Delta Sky club and all it’s perks? This will be our first time going. Thanks!

    • Lesli Peterson | June 18, 2019 at 9:31 am | Reply

      Not a dumb question because I had to search everywhere for the answer when we went! If the seat is located in the Delta Sky section, you get ALL the perks…even if you buy it on StubHub!! It’s awesome, right??

      • Thank you so much for the quick reply! Just wanted to make sure before we drop the money on expensive seats. I appreciate your feedback!

  3. You say it includes parking, how about valet?

    OMG these are really good seats, from what I can tell. My son and I are exploring all the sections and this is our first (cushy) seats. I sat in the infinity seats and the club was okay… but this seems to be way more awesome.

  4. OMG these are really good seats, from what I can tell. My son and I are exploring all the sections and this is our first (cushy) seats. I sat in the infinity seats and the club was okay… but this seems to be way more awesome.

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