Staying At The Lovely Marshall House In Downtown Savannah

I’ve wanted to stay at The Marshall House since my first visit to Savannah many years ago. The porch with no doors – only windows – has always captivated me. Finally last week, we had a chance!

Staying At The Lovely Marshall House In Downtown Savannah

With hubs out of town, the boys and I decided to head to Savannah for a short overnight trip, and I booked us a stay at the historic hotel, making sure to get up a room on the balcony floor.

I should tell you, the rooms with a balcony only offer King beds, but with only the three of us, it was easy to make that work.

If you need another option, may I suggest the 4th floor which tends to be where most ghost sightings happen – particularly room 414. Perhaps spirits remain from when this was a Yellow Fever hospital, or from when it was occupied by Union Troops as an infirmary during the Civil War?

Back to our room…there is no door onto the veranda. You tuck yourself through one of the original windows onto the shared access space. One of the staff told the boys they were to access it “Peter Pan” style….we love that!

There is a reception each evening with either a musician or historian…and wine and lemonade. The rocking chairs are the ideal place to bring your wine afterward to watch the sun set and the lights of the city explode.

Also in the evening, be sure to indulge in a bath. The claw-tooth bathtub was simply heaven. So relaxing.

Finally, you can’t beat breakfast in the morning. There are cereals, fruits, eggs and bacon, pastries, quiche (the best!) and so much more. It was very affordable for me (less than $11) and the boys were free.

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Staying At The Lovely Marshall House In Downtown Savannah

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  1. Sounds like a place to try for sure!

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