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Fly Solo with Kitty Hawk Kite Hang Gliding Adventures

Human beings have yearned to experience the magic of flight millenniums before the possibility came to exist. In today’s modern age, even as jetliners crisscross the sky, drones buzz around us, and spaceships deliver astronauts to distant stations and then land again, many humans are still ingrained with this same deep yearning.

Dial Up Your Kid’s Confidence with [VIDEO]

Whether your kid is like ours, and not really cut out for a lot of organized, team sports. Or whether many of the normal team options just aren’t available right now, skateboarding can offer the promise of a huge boost in self-confidence. Not by becoming Tony Hawk overnight, but by overcoming fear and completing just one single trick that they couldn’t do before.

Percy Jackson Tour in Atlanta

We wrote a Percy Jackson Tour of New York City post based on a trip my boys and I did one summer. It garnered so much interest,…

Safe Travels with Great Wolf Lodge

If you are ready to travel, Great Wolf Lodge is ready to greet you! Read about their Paw Pledge Program and commitment to your safety…or…

The Beach Club: COVID Travel Edition

Our family visited The Beach Club Family Resort in the Alabama Beaches in mid-May. We posted our general review of the resort here…but wanted to…

7 “Don’t Miss” Happenings at Six Flags Holiday in The Park

Our family kicked off our holiday season this year at Six Flags Holiday in the Park. As a family that tends to delay our festivities a bit (well, at least until after Halloween) Holiday in the Park was a great way to ease into the Christmas spirit. Who doesn’t like Christmas trees and roller coasters???