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Fall is Fabulous at Fernbank Museum

This fall, Fernbank has a lot of great activities going on, in addition to a lot of great safety protocols to keep all visitors healthy and safe.

5 Reasons Foxfire Mountain is Worth a Trip to Sevierville

If you ask us, the sprawling 150 acres of Foxfire Mountain alone is worth the short trip to east Tennessee from Atlanta. Camp here (or stay in a glamping tent like we did) and make it a weekend so that you can explore even more than we did!

Fly Solo with Kitty Hawk Kite Hang Gliding Adventures

Human beings have yearned to experience the magic of flight millenniums before the possibility came to exist. In today’s modern age, even as jetliners crisscross the sky, drones buzz around us, and spaceships deliver astronauts to distant stations and then land again, many humans are still ingrained with this same deep yearning.