Cookies, Kids, and Camp: Why Remedy Bakeshop Is So Sweet!

Unless you live under a rock, you know about Georgia’s Zac Brown and the Zac Brown Band. But do you know what he’s up to when he’s not singing?


Cookies, Kids, and Camp: Why Remedy Bakeshop Is So Sweet!

Ok – to be honest – he’s not the one doing the actual baking. But he is cooking up something amazing – a new baking adventure: Remedy Bakeshop.

These are very special cookies!

They are made with NO dairy, NO eggs, NO peanuts, NO treenuts, NO soy, NO wheat, NO fish and NO shellfish!

Even more impressive? They taste DELICIOUS! (The Oatmeal Cranberry is my favorite!)

Cookies, Kids, and Camp: Why Remedy Bakeshop Is So Sweet!

I had a chance to meet the people behind the cookies last week. We took a look at the ingredients. You can pronounce ALL of them- wow! I sampled the chocolate that contains no soy, no dairy, nothing bad…and it was oh so good.

I think the most impressive thing to me is that they know exactly where all these high-quality ingredients were grown – the EXACT farm from which they came.

So what prompted this?

Zac Brown is the force behind the new and SO IMPRESSIVE Camp Southern Ground in Fayetteville. It’s an all-inclusive camp that teaches kids about the strengths that lie within.

As a former camp counselor and camper, I know how a positive camp experience can transform a child’s life. My dream is that children of all abilities will have an opportunity to grow and learn from each other, while experiencing the magic of the outdoors. It is also important to me that we take care of the families that protect our freedoms and keep this country safe. Camp Southern Ground will be a haven for children of family members serving in the military, as well as be a respite for our active and veteran service members. Through our partnerships we’ll be able to welcome military families to our camps year-round. – Zac Brown

In the camp they noticed that 10% of the kids have a food allergy, with most of them centered around wheat and dairy. It was important to Zac to create a treat that worked well for these kids, but that was delicious enough that anyone would want to eat it.  If there are snacks for one group but not another…well, that’s EXclusive, not INclusive. That had to change.

And now it has.

You can also bring this inclusivity to your family. Cookies are available on Amazon right now. And since 10% of all revenue goes straight to the camp, you’re helping Georgia families, too.

And stay tuned for new things coming shortly…brownies are on the horizon, as are new technologies that will make it easy to get these cookies into schools, restaurants, hotels and more.


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Cookies, Kids, and Camp: Why Remedy Bakeshop Is So Sweet!

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