A Peek Inside the New Hotel Clermont [video]

If you’ve been down Ponce de Leon Ave. in Midtown Atlanta in the past few years you’ve probably wondered, what’s going on with the Hotel Clermont?

The iconic landmark built in 1924 has been under renovation of one kind or another since 2014, and finally, the renovation is complete, and it is FABULOUS!

Hotel Clermont

Last week I attended the grand opening event and got a peek into several rooms, as well as the suites and Rooftop Bar. In all there are 94 rooms with a retro feel including three suites and 15 sharable bunk rooms. During the opening, actors portrayed a variety of ‘guests’, a fun way to show off the rooms and pay homage to the lore of the Clermont. Warning the video is PG-13 to R.

The  Hotel Clermont lobby is welcoming, reminding me a little of my parents house back in the 70’s, with lots of comfy places to sit and several communal spaces, plus tons of retro touches I love. I think we actually had that same version of RISK growing up.

There is a full-service cafe and dark and mysterious bar on the first floor. Tiny Lou’s is a French-American brasserie that has some killer macrooons and is located one floor down.

The Rooftop Bar is hot ticket. The front desk manager told us she has had folks rent a room just to gain access. My favorite part about the rooftop bar, in addition to the gorgeous skyline views, is the vintage patio furniture.

My first thought was the interior designer must have had a field day scouring flea markets to decorate the Hotel Clermont, but was told all the furniture was commissioned and is brand new.

If the new swanky vibe leaves you waxing nostalgic for the old days of the seedy Clermont Lounge, never fear, the Lounge is still around, located around back in the basement.

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A Peek Inside the New Hotel Clermont [video]

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