How To Build A Sandcastle? You Need Lessons Of Course! [video]

Here we were, embarking on our last beach adventure of the summer…heading to Destin. Have you been? It’s know for its emerald green waters and glorious sugar sand. When I told the boys, they became dead-set on building “the world’s largest sandcastle.” That’s when I knew we needed some help! Beach Sand Sculptures to the rescue!

How To Build A Sandcastle? You Need Lessons Of Course! [video]

If you are visiting Panama City, Destin, Fort Walton, or the South Walton area, you need to schedule some family fun now.

Families on vacation struggle to find an activity the whole family can enjoy together. You want something fun…unique…and that encourages quality time with the kids. This is it!

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What To Expect

Holly was our FANTASTIC sand castle coach. She met us on the beach with a wagon of fun! She spent the first few moments talking to us about where to build the castle…and that will surprise you!

Then we all started in on the foundation with our shovels! We added lots and lots of water, too. So much more than I ever imagined.

Next, she shared the secret 4-step technique and demonstrated it….then helped us build our own towering structures.

Next Holly showed us how to use some awesome design tools like an icing spatula, a melon baller, and more. She brought all of these for us to use — enough for everyone so there was no arguing.

That was the first hour or so….in the last hour, we carved spiral staircases, made tunnels and awnings that connected all our castles, built sand balls to perch on top of the towers, and more!

We learned how to make stone carvings, brick-looking walls, a smooth foundation…all the things needed to make the ooohs and ahhhs from the beach on-lookers.

When our 2 hours were up, we kept working a little longer while Holly cleaned up all the buckets, tools, and mess….she wouldn’t even let us help. She wanted to make sure we were just focused on each other and having a great time!

When It’s Over

When we were done, Holly took tons of photos of us in front of our castle…bring your phone or camera.

Before she left, she also gave us our own set of bucket forms and special castle-building tools (we pre-purchased this kit when we made our appointment.) This kit has become invaluable to us, and we’ve already made a few castles on other beaches around Florida!

Don’t forget to tip your coach (a customary 20% is about right.) You’re going to want to do this, I promise…

Watch people gander at your creation. There were so many questions, and we loved them all. Since we were RVing on the beach, we were able to go back later in the evening and even the next morning. It was still standing….kids were trying to build recreations of it a few yards away, and beach-goers were snapping photos. It’s like our art was famous!


How Much?

Lessons are priced based on the size of your group. We were a party of 4 so our lesson was $220. Before you gawk, that’s only a little more than $50 pp for 2 hours of fun and LOADS of memories. Have a large party? This is great for your family gathering since it’s only a little more for 10 ppl!!

How Tall?

Our sandcastle towers were over 3 feet tall! These puppies are HUGE and so much fun for the kids. I love how unexpected it is, too. You can tell your kids how tall it will be all the way to the beach…but until they are eyeball-to-eyeball with their creation, they don’t realize it’s enormous!

How Safe?

This is a super safe adventure for kids as young as even 2 years old (note kids 4 and under are free.) It’s relaxing and easy for Grandpa…and it’s even safe for the nesting sea turtles. Beach Sand Sculptures will teach your kids about the best way to ensure it is marine life-safe. Holly was great about teaching my boys the dangers of a moat (which they later shared with boys they met on the beach.)

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How To Build A Sandcastle? You Need Lessons Of Course! [video]

Disclosure: Thank you to Beach Sand Sculptures for hosting us. Opinions here are all our own, and we LOVED every minute.

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