Let’s Go Geocaching with Georgia State Parks: New GeoTour Released

Calling all geocachers! (Also, calling all want-to-try-it-geocachers!)

Georgia State Parks has released a new GeoTour for 2021 — with brand new caches hidden at all 45 Georgia State Parks! This is a great introduction for those who may be new to geocaching, but also an awesome new challenge for seasoned cache seekers.

Let's Go Geocaching with Georgia State Parks: New GeoTour Released

What Is Geocaching?

So what exactly is geocaching? We have an article all about it: What Is Geocaching – And Why You’ll Fall In Love With It.

Our post tells you all the details you need to know to get started — but basically, geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunt. Fun for both kids and adults alike, geocaching is a simple and fun way to get outside and get exploring all the wonderful places our state has to offer.

All you really need is the GPS on your phone to get started. Downloading the Geocaching App is also helpful, and although you can upgrade to a paid subscription on the app to open up more cache locations, there are tons of free ones. (Including the Georgia State Parks GeoTours. Free on the app!)

New Georgia State Parks GeoTour

The new Georgia State Parks GeoTour was launched in February 2021, and now has 4 different region coins to collect, and all new cache locations at all the Georgia State Parks.

So how does the GeoTour work?

The first thing you need to do is download and print the Parks GeoTour Passport.

You’ll notice on the passport that each state park has been put into one of four regions: The Mountains Region, Lakes Region, Plains Region, and Swamp Region.

Your goal is to visit and find 9 caches at state parks within a region, write a codeword found inside the cache on your passport, and then submit it to Georgia State Parks to receive your regional GeoCoin and bragging rights.

You could focus on just one region, or try to conquer all of them — it’s up to you, and how adventurous you’re feeling!

Here are the steps for you:

  • Download the Geocaching App on your phone and find the Georgia State Parks GeoTour listing, or visit the Georgia State Parks GeoTour page on Geocaching.com.
  • Download and print the Parks GeoTour Passport.
  • Visit a Georgia State Park during posted visiting hours and find the geocache.
  • Once you find it, trade items and write your name in the logbook you’ll find inside.
  • Find the codeword inside the geocache, and write that on your GeoTour Passport.
  • Once you have 9 codewords for one region, email your passport (or a photo of it) to parksRfun@dnr.ga.gov. They will mail you a region-specific geo-coin for each region you have completed. 

An added note — most state parks charge a $5 daily parking fee. Annual Passes are also available for $50, so that may be the way to go.

Let's Go Geocaching with Georgia State Parks: New GeoTour Released

History Trail GeoTour

For the history buffs out there, Georgia State Parks also offers a History Trail GeoTour – and you can find these geocaches at the Georgia State Park Historical Sites.

Same general idea as the parks tour, but most of the History Trail GeoTour caches are mystery caches — meaning you’ll have to visit 3-5 locations within the state historic site, and the final location will be a locked ammo can. You’ll need to answer questions at each stage to determine the 4-digit lock combination for the final geocache.

Find the letter inside the cache and write it in the corresponding historic site location box on the grid of your GeoTour Time Travel Ticket.

You have to complete all 19 History Trail caches to be eligible for a History Trail geocoin.

Entry fees may be required at Historic Sites. Historic Site annual passes are available.

So Much Fun For The Kids

My two kids have absolutely loved our start to the Parks GeoTour. We’ve been to five locations so far, and each one has been completely different, and really fun.

We’re Georgia State Parks fanatics, but already the GeoTour has taken us to parts of well-loved parks we had never seen before. My kids love trading trinkets, and adding the codewords to their passports.

I think having a geocaching goal just adds an extra layer of fun to an already great activity.

Looking for another fun hiking challenge with your kids?

👉 Grab the Georgia Kids Series 52 Hike Challenge Hiking Log here!

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