NYC With Kids: An In-Depth Look

NYC: Here We Come! And Here’s Why We’re Flying With JetBlue

TODAY our family is on a plane to NYC for a week, and we are so excited. The oldest has been, but he was young...and the 5 yo has yet to experience the insane awesomeness that is New York! Expect, for the next 7-10 days, to read about this trip via our 365 Daily posts...but…

Joe’s Pizza: Old School (Famous) New York Pie

Do you remember this insight from Santa about where to eat pizza in New York? Unfortunately that Ray's is gone...queue Eric Clapton's "Tears In Heaven," right? Well, hold your hankie. We learned about Joe's Pizza in Greenwich came with promise, so we set off to try it out. First, you should know that Joe's…

Celebrating The Forgotten South at The Met In NYC

You know Eddie's Attic in Decatur, right? One of the guys who books acts there is Matt Arnett. He also owns this amazing music venue called Grocery on Home. It's one of my favorite places in the city, perfect for date night if you're a music lover. Anyway, that's how we met Matt. The work…

5 Things You Should Know Before Walking The Iconic Brooklyn Bridge

To be honest, I never considered walking the Brooklyn Bridge before reading a NYC post from my friends at YTravelBlog in preparation for our trip. After that, I did more research and learned some great history, tips and timing that we used on our walk; and I want to share them with you! It's one…

Building (Delicious) Naked Birthday Cakes With Milk Bar

It wasn't anyone's birthday during our NYC visit, but we built TWO monstrous birthday cakes and it was probably one of our favorite things. We watched the Christina Tosi story on Chef's Table (Netflix) and immediately fell in love with her and her creations. She invented "cereal milk" with which she makes amazing soft service…

Helping Kids Find “Magic” in New York City

My boys love magic. We seek out magic shows on TV, did a homeschool study on a few magicians, learn new magic tricks on a regular basis...I think it's in their blood. So I knew the Houdini Museum in NYC had to be on our list! It's a small one-room museum, but it is filled…

Why You Should Head To Max Brenner’s For Everything Chocolate

Max Brenner's in Union Square sells chocolate of every shape and form, but you want to go here for lunch. Trust me! Start with drinks. Dan had a mojito but I was on a chocolate kick. The White Russian was amazing, especially since the cream was replaced with white chocolate. No words. #nomnom And the…

Fall In Love With Manhattan’s Langham NYC

Trying to find a hotel in NYC can be daunting. We wanted the right location, and something intimate- not too big. That's why we were so excited to get a room at Langham, New York. Here are 4 reasons we think you should make the Langham your next hotel destination. Amazing customer service. You'd swear…

31 Perfect Things To Do In NYC With Kids: A Mix Of Tourist Stops & Unique Adventures

That first time you visit the Big Apple should be forever memorable, regardless of your age. It requires the exact combination of classic NYC attractions mixed with unique and interesting sights, sounds, and tastes. You want to leave a little room for happening upon something unexpected, but come with a plan to explore and indulge.

That’s what you’ll find in our post here about the best things to do in NYC with kids. My husband grew up just over the river in New Jersey, and we’ve been together a hand full of times…but when you bring the kids, everything changes…and the magic truly begins!

Read full NYC With Kids post here.

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