Wave Runner Dolphin Tours & More Fall Fun in Orange Beach

I felt a little sorry for the big Orange Beach dolphin tours. The larger boats were tipped to one side, heavy with guests who were clamoring for some rail space to view the mammals below. Even in the slower fall months, dolphin tours are a popular past-time.

Our group of nine wave runners, seven guests and two guides from Extreme Water Sports in Orange Beach, AL, were agile enough to move with the pod of five dolphins as they swam around the bay looking for dinner.

Waverunner Dolphin Tours Orange Beach

After viewing a few dolphin pods, we headed a little farther into the bay to swim and see what our wave runners could do. I rode on the back with my 18-year-old son driving. We only flipped over once. And my heart only went into my toes a few more times. Other than we were all good.

Seriously though, the flip over was actually because we were going too slow and trying to turn. I did have him slow down a few times, but mostly we enjoyed riding around the bay on a fun mother – son outing. My husband drove the 14-year-old who was equally as enthused about the experience. (They stayed upright.) Anytime you can find an activity that will get my teens to grin like a five-year-old at his birthday party is a good day.

I loved the intimacy of this tour and our guide Will was clearly having as much fun as we were. He was appropriately safety conscious, but also gave us some freedom to have fun. It was also a unique way to combine two favorite beach activities.

Extreme Watersports is located in Bear Point Marina in Orange Beach/Gulf Shores. You can get a 10% discount on your purchase by going to TripShock and using the promo code MARINA10.

More Fall Fun in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores

Traditional Dolphin Tours. If you prefer a more traditional Orange Beach dolphin tour, one of our writers Becky Beall recommends Sail Wild Hearts or Cetacean Cruises, both in Orange Beach. This is a good option for smaller budgets, those who don’t want to get wet, or for anyone that wants a little less adventurous tour.

Fishing. Fall is a great time to go fishing in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. Not only are the temperatures a bit cooler to be hanging out on the boat all day, but the fish are usually biting pretty good too. You could catch trout, or if you are willing to go out a bit farther grouper, amberjack, and even wahoo.

SpikeBall on the Beach. My boys LOVE playing spike ball, the combination volleyball and four square. The powdery sand beaces in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach make it the perfect place to really go for every ball becaue of the soft landing. The less crowded beaches mean more space spread out too.

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Wave Runner Dolphin Tours & More Fall Fun in Orange Beach

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