Believe It Or Not – We Were Exceptionally Impressed With Ripley’s

We usually seek the lesser-known escapes in a city. We hike the trails, seek out the history, find the hidden gems…so when the boys declared they wanted to visit all the Ripley’s attractions in Downtown Gatlinburg, I was skeptical.

I admit it…I was wrong.

We. Had. The. Best. Time.

Believe It Or Not - We Were Exceptionally Impressed With Ripley's

The RIPLEY’S MIRROR MAZE was Elliot’s favorite (he’s 6.) We weaved in and out (and into) pictures of ourselves. With strobe lights and disco balls, we had a blast making our way to the exit.

Cooper’s favorite – the 10 yr old – was the new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS ADVENTURE. He told me it was because of the TONS of hands-on activities that you get to do.

We tried to beat each other (and other’s there) at the most hoola hoops in a minute, chopping down a tree, hop scotch, skee ball, jumping, karate chopping, and so much more!

We planned to stay about 30 minutes and ended up spending about 90 minutes…I couldn’t pull them away!

And mine? By far, it was the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Odditorium!!! Incredible shrinking heads, a model of Hogwarts made from match sticks, a large Buddha filled with $1Million in shredded cash…I could go on and on! In fact, I totally couldn’t stop Instagramming every amazing oddity, hidden in every corner.

We also visited the RIPLEY’S AQUARIUM. In the spirit of honesty, I will say that my Atlanta friends may find it unimpressive. We do live next to the world’s biggest aquarium…


the shark tunnel is AWESOME! Tons of sharks and a few gigantic sawfish (and a big turtle!) swim overhead as you wind your way through a very long tunnel (much longer than the Atlanta one.) It was the highlight of our marine adventure! Oh – that and petting jellyfish. Yes, petting them!


So, those tickets…they aren’t cheap. The good news is that they are TOTALLY worth it! And keep an eye on the street along the main thoroughfare for discount tickets. There are also discount combo tickets online!


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