Dial Up Your Kid’s Confidence with SkateLesson.com [VIDEO]

Dial Up Your Kid's Confidence with SkateLesson.com [VIDEO]

The Oxford dictionary defines confidence as:

“A feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities.” 

Pretty, pretty, pre-tty good. But I like this secondary definition a bit more:

“The state of feeling certain about the truth of something.”

So let me ask you a serious question.  How are your kids doing these days? 

Many kids out there are struggling, and it’s no mystery why.  Maybe they’re missing friends and the confidence that a normal routine brings.  Maybe they’ve lost confidence that we’ll get back to normal – ever.  Maybe their confidence is taking a toll from the smell of fear that’s been permeating their young lives for months. 

Whatever the reason may be, lack of confidence is a deal breaker in the game of life.  If your kids are anything like ours, perhaps learning an extreme sport like skateboarding is one path out. 

And this is why we reached out to Michael Procaccini, the owner of SkateLesson.com.  When we noticed that our twelve-year-old was spending just a “tad” too much time on the computer (sound familiar?), missing many of his friends, and that his drive for life and belief in himself was waning, we realized we had to do something.

Our youngling had spent some time on a skateboard during his eventful time on this planet, but always on and off and never with a lot of perseverance.  Perhaps he was discouraged by the semi-pro’s buzzing around him at the park. 

Not anymore.  Take a look at this video. 

I kid you not – the amazing pre-teen featured in this vid – our amazing pre-teen – wasn’t doing any of these moves a mere two weeks ago.  

Whether your kid is like ours, and not really cut out for a lot of organized, team sports.  Or whether many of the normal team options just aren’t available right now, skateboarding can offer the promise of a huge boost in self-confidence.

Not by becoming Tony Hawk overnight, but by overcoming fear and completing just one single trick that they couldn’t do before.  When you see this happen before your eyes the smile factor is contagious and through the roof.  And then it’s on to the next trick.  See how that works?

Dial Up Your Kid's Confidence with SkateLesson.com [VIDEO]

SkateLesson.com does a great job of meeting your kid at whatever skill level they’re at.  During the first lesson, you can expect a quick assessment of your child’s abilities, an introduction to the skate park, and a ton of discussion on what they want to accomplish, and the path to get there.  

The team is fantastic at working with kids to give them that much needed push to overcome fear without being overbearing. They’ll work with kids age five and up. Hey – maybe there’s some adults out there looking for a confidence boost as well. Skateboarding with your kids is fun – give it a shot!

Michael and team work primarily in the North/Northeast Atlanta area, and will help you decide which park works best in terms of location and skill level.  We like to meet up at Brook Run in Dunwoody, but other options include JB Williams, Fourth Ward and Settles Bridge

SkateLesson also offers group sessions along with the one-on-one instruction, frequently at Settles Bridge in the Buford area.    If your preferred skate park isn’t mentioned here, or if you’re not in Metro North give them a call anyway at 404-921-7048.  They are flexible.

Dial Up Your Kid's Confidence with SkateLesson.com [VIDEO]

So let’s circle back to that second definition of the word confidence.

“The state of feeling certain about the truth of something.”

Think about the power behind those words when that something is yourself.  The truth that you can conquer the fear of failing through the very process of failing.  The truth that you can get hard things done, even when those hard things take time.  The truth that you can get through difficult times and come out stronger on the other side. Every single time.

Confidence is certainty.  Today’s certainty of doing a new trick on a skateboard is tomorrow’s certainty that meeting new friends, traveling the world, landing a dream job, or launching a successful business is always within you, and always has been. 

We reached out to SkateLesson.com on our own and are not receiving compensation for this post or video.  We hope you get in touch with them as well. Visit their website or call at 404-921-7048.

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