Fall Is Coming: Get These 6 Tailgating Essentials Now!

School’s back in and football is on everyone’s mind. Are you getting ready for tailgate season? Here are 6 items we think are essential for the fall. Use them for tailgating, camping, or just having fun in the backyard.

Eurow Tail Gator Sunshade Portable Shade

This portable shade is great for the games or a camping trip! It shields you from the sun, or hides you from a light shower. I like it because it works with most vans or SUVs, so even if you’re not the one driving you can bring it along. It doesn’t require a hitch for attachment like other options.

ONIVA Outdoor Folding Chair

This chair is everything (except the kitchen sink!) First, the seat is padded, so now worries about going into overtime. You’re taken care of. Second, it has an attached fold-out table to hold your drink, snacks, camera, etc. Finally, it includes a detachable cooler for your drinks. Woot!

It also includes padded backpack straps so you can carry it to your perfect spot (or, once again, the camp ground.) It also has straps for holding an umbrella (sold separately.)

YETI Roadie 20 Cooler

Unless you’re tailgating alone, the cooler on your chair (above) will not be enough. I know, YETI coolers are expensive…but they are totally worth it. This one will easily hold 14 cans with a 2:1 ice ratio.

Tailgating Table

Maybe you’re more like our family…we’re rarely sitting down during a tailgate session…but we still need a place for our drinks, some snacks, etc. Well consider this table…It has 4 cup holders, a big area for your chips, and a cooler at the bottom. Plus, it;s collapsible and comes with a carrying case.

Weatherproof Powersports Speaker System

These speakers are originally made for ATVs, but we like them for camping and tailgating because they get loud (so many speakers just don’t get loud enough for the outdoors) and they are weatherproof. They work with your iPhone so you can listen to tunes or tune into the game.

The Velocity Grill 

We love love love to grill out, but don’t have the space (or patience) to bring the big grill. This portable grill does a great job cooking for just 2-3 people (or 2 adult steaks and a 4-5 hotdogs for the kids). It uses a battery, cooks with wood, and gets pretty darn hot, while the base stays cool. I like that you don’t have to bring propane or charcoal…but you still get the grill flavors.


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Lesli Peterson

Lesli Peterson

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