The Beach Club: COVID Travel Edition

Our family visited The Beach Club Family Resort in the Alabama Beaches in mid-May. We posted our general review of the resort here…but wanted to take this opportunity to share some insider tips about traveling while there are still restrictions in place related to COVID-19.

The Beach Club: COVID Travel Edition

Please note, these tips are valid as of the publishing of this post (5/22/20) and may change. You can see the Alabama COVID Travel Restrictions here… and the Spectrum COVID announcements here.

  • Rest easy with their 100% refund policy on any reservations arriving by June 30, 2020, that cancel due to COVID-19 concerns. You can also reschedule your vacation without losing your deposit.
  • The pools are only able to open at 50% capacity (96 people at a time.) You might need to wait for others to leave before you can enter. The longest we had to wait was about 10 minutes (and we were a large party of 6).
  • Restaurants are running at 50% capacity. It might look like it’s not busy when you go, but the kitchen is working at more than full speed because of all the to-go orders. Give grace to your server if he makes you feel like you’re on vacation without a care in the world, because all hell is breaking lose in the back. Tip well…be kind…have patience.
  • Make a reservation for the spa and/or Coast as soon as you can. They are also at 50% capacity so reservations might be more difficult that usual.
  • Gulf Shores/Orange Beach is at 80% capacity – double what it usually is this time of year. The condo we were at was 100% full. People are more demanding now, and the staff is still short. It will take time to get someone on the phone…be patient. Show some love. Go with the expectation that something may go wrong and you may not be able to talk to someone as quickly as you want. As my mom says though, a positive outlook means a positive vacation…no matter the circumstance. Find your beach vibe.
  • When we visited, the kids activities were pre-packaged “to go”; and bikes, shuffleboard and basketballs were not available. These things may be changing today. If they do, we’ll let you know.
  • If you do not feel comfortable going into the lobby area, you can check in via the Spectrum app. They will use a mask and gloves to leave a package in your room that includes your parking pass, maps, and wrist bands. The key code for your room is available on the app.
  • Let’s talk masks and social distancing. Masks are not required for guests, and no guests (and I mean no guests) are wearing them here. The resort has taken precautions to keep people 6 ft apart in the restaurants, at the pool, etc. … but there are boardwalks, lobbies, and elevators where guests, in general, are cautious but may not be strictly abiding the guidelines. If these things make you uncomfortable, you might need to select an alternative destination.
  • On our drive from Atlanta to the resort we had difficulty finding a nice place to stop for lunch. Fast food drive-throughs are abundant, but if you tend to avoid those consider packing a lunch and having a picnic at a rest stop or elsewhere.

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  1. All of this is very good information, Lesli, and I trust your judgment and assessment of the situation. I’m so glad you and your family had a good experience. I say “Amen” to your suggestions to be nice to those trying their best to serve you.
    Personally, I think I’ll wait until the crowds get smaller.

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