Top 5 Family Games You Should Make Space For In Your Suitcase

We are heading out for 3 weeks of travel, and I am so excited. But, I know there are going to be some down times in that three weeks…times when it’s storming outside or when I want the kids off the computer and in my lap! So, we plan for occasions like this with a few games.

I like to pack light (I mean really light! We went to NYC with 4 people for 10 days and only one suitcase!) so they need to be FUN but also small and light. And forget having to chase down 174 little pieces all over a hotel room – not gonna happen.

So what’s the best choice then? We have ideas….

Top 5 Family Games You Should Make Space For In Your Suitcase

Exploding Kittens. Do you have that family game, the one that everyone loves and you just can’t get enough of? For us, that’s this one! We love it and play with it so much that the cards in our first set were worn to oblivion and we had to get a second set.

It takes some strategy, so even the adults and 20-something year old kids love playing it…but it’s easy enough for the kindergardener to play along also. He can’t yet read, so it took a few rounds for him to understand what each card meant..but soon he could play on his own because he recognized the colors and pictures.

If you get one – just one – this should be it!

Uno or Skip-BoWe have both, and go through seasons of one game, and then the other. As of this writing, it’s UNO. Tomorrow may be different.

I like them because they are compact, and great for readers and non-readers. It’s pretty easy to play a game, which makes them great for throwing in your purse, also, if you’re heading out for dinner.

Get them both, but you probably just want to bring one or the other on a trip with you.

Sleeping Queens. We just recently learned about this game, but it is quickly becoming a favorite – especially since it comes in a cute tin carrying case that makes it easy to travel with.

It’s another that is fun for older kids (maybe up to middle school) but still works with younger kids since there is no reading involved. There are also multiple “levels” of difficulty so you can adjust the rules to meet your family’s needs.

Don’t let the “queens” angle fool you…my not-so-yet-liberated boys were skeptical, but when they opened it up to see the beautifully decorated cards, they soon fell in love with the kings, knights, jokers and magic potions, too.

Spot It! How good are those eyes of yours?? This is such a great game because it helps kids identify patterns, which is crucial to critical thinking. The instructions offer 12 different permutations on the rules…and we indeed like to play all 12 round robin style. It’s also another one great for tucking in your purse if you’re heading to a dinner that usually comes with a wait in line.

Bananagrams. An easy game to pack that is so fun to play. Players need to be able to read (or you can challenge your spouse when the kids go to bed…who can spell Tequila after 4 shots?)

They also have versions with a pear, a watermelon, and an apple…in case you have a fruit preference. And my favorite knock-off is the whale! PS – there is a Spanish version, too!


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Top 5 Family Games You Should Make Space For In Your Suitcase

3 thoughts on “Top 5 Family Games You Should Make Space For In Your Suitcase”

  1. Thanks for these great ideas! I am always looking for games that will engage my kids together, but that aren’t too easy for the older one or too hard for the younger. Love your site.

  2. Thanks so much for these ideas for games. We need some to play here and while camping. I am hoping they will all be easy for the young ones to learn.


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